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Increase your chances to sell the car and receive up to 2500 MDL!

Sell your vehicle via Mogo and receive 1000 - 2500 MDL bonus. Want to receive a bonus? Read further!

What to do to sell a vehicle via Mogo?

  1. In your vehicle ad description introduce the information that  The vehicle may be bought for cash or monthly instalments. so those people who don't have enough money to buy a car, would not hesitate to contact you!
  2. While speaking with a client, who has an intention to buy a vehicle, ask if he is going to buy it for cash or instalment? Or maybe he wants to make a payment half half, and safe part of the vehicle price for new tires or the yearly insurance.
  3. If the client becomes interested, tell about the option to borrow some amount from your partner Mogo. 
  4. In case of a successful deal, you will receive 1000 - 2500 MDL bonus on top of the vehicle price. 

To form the deal:

  1. Come to Mogo office together with the buyer - we will create an application for the buyer and will evaluate your car;
  2. Receive the Guarantee Agreement, that we are obliged to finance the car and pay you the agreed amount of money. 
  3. and register the vehicle on the buyer. Don't worry: it's the way how we work with all our partners in accordance with the legislation!
  4. After the registry, the buyer will sign credit and pledge agreement with Mogo.
  5. At the same time, you will sign the Cashback - bonus documents
  6. And you will receive money in the Mogo partners' bank. 


What else do you need to know?

  1. Mogo offices are located here
  2. A loan calculator can be found here.
  3. Both the seller and the buyer must have valid identity cards with themself. 
  4. The deal with your car must be registrered at ASP. Mogo specialists may assist you with that.
  5. The bonus will be transferred to your valid bank account. 
  6. The value of the bonus depends on the car financing amount.


And finally:

  1. mogo will not only pay you a bonus but as well will take care of the taxes related to this bonus.